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  • Anger

  • Health

    If nothing else, COVID has taught us a lesson, especially people like me who put health secondary, to care for the only gift we have from the god. I’ve been abusing the only thing that can keep me alive for long, and been seeing the result of the same recently (frequently). I hope I can get back on track. 🤞

  • Dedication

    The best-est things in life I’ve achieved all came from dedication. Yes, most of the times luck initiated the things for me, but it felt like I was supported to reach my goal by the higher power when I showed dedictaion. Being unable to focus on will and show dedication has been my biggest bane. Always finding ways to remedy this though.

  • The Cake

    Wifey ordered a less-sweet, without-frosting, and no-bs cake for my 34th birthday this year – the Mawa Cake; and believe me its the best cake I ever had. Why the best – because it is not overwhelming, you can actually eat it without being burdened by the sweetness, keep it for eating later, and also I do not like frostings on the cake. I’m writing this while having a leftover. 😝

  • Procastination

    Another bane of procastination is inability to be ready for spontaneous plans. Cannot count how many interesting plans I said no to, just because I procastinated earlier to wrap my “must” tasks. I can see that it is not healthy, and I wish I can be better promptly.

  • Closing Tabs

    It takes soul out of your body for few seconds imagining closing old Chrome tabs that you kept alive for remembering something (but now have 100 of them, and no longer recall why). I did that today after being back from AFK. Bold move? Maybe. But I feel less anxious looking at those tabs exist. Now, the struggle is to figure out where I’m required to take actions but that was the case anyhow. Wish me luck.

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