Avengers Experience Station, Mumbai 2019

Wandering in the Phoenix Mall in Mumbai we stumbled upon the posters of the Avengers Experience exhibit. Well, next we were standing at the location trying to figure out if it was worth our time, as frankly I did not assume it to be that good. I’ve pushed my wife into Marvel Universe in the […]


The Automattic Grand Meetup experience: How Meetups boost the Distributed relations

So, it’s finally done and checked off the list. I’ve been to the Grand Meetup 2019 organized in Orlando, Florida by Automattic. Since the day I joined, it was on my mind. I had equal share of excitement and assumptions related to meeting all the people I see everyday through the Slack window. Joining Automattic […]


Know what? Dell monitors are unrepairable

TL;DR: If you buy a Dell monitor and somehow end up with a physical damage to any one of its component, you cannot get it repaired. Dell does not provide paid repairs, warranty or spare parts to do the repairs. The only option, if your monitor must be repaired is to get a new one. […]