Know what? Dell monitors are unrepairable

Dell Ultrasharp 27' 4k monitor

TL;DR: If you buy a Dell monitor and somehow end up with a physical damage to any one of its component, you cannot get it repaired. Dell does not provide paid repairs, warranty or spare parts to do the repairs. The only option, if your monitor must be repaired is to get a new one.

What led me to believe in Dell

I’ve been using Dell products since I started using computers. Be it the desktop, laptop, external monitors or accessories. I always opted Dell as a choice and was also a strong advocate for its superior build quality and performance.

In the wake of same loyalty, last year in September (2018), I had to choose between Dell, LG and Apple Display for my primary work monitor. I chose Dell Ultrasharp 27′ 4k monitor (U2718Q).

I did my research, looked at full description on the Dell’s site, YouTube review videos and many hours of e-store description reading. The monitor was INR 58,900, and I decided that if I’m spending such a large amount, it needs to be with Dell.

I even went out of my way to reach every local vendor in my State (yes, not city but the whole state) and there was none who had this monitor, as in their words “No one buys it because of its price”. I went ahead and ordered it from

I was wrong

In May 2019, eight months after the purchase, one morning I found a dent in my display. It was a physical damage which might’ve caused by me unknowingly while wrapping up my work last day, or anything. But importantly, I took it as my mistake.

Remember my love for Dell? As a loyal customer I reached to the Dell support and shared my situation. I told them that it is a physical damage, and the disaply is now showing colored lines on the center of the screen.

I was told that Dell product is indeed under warranty, but physical damage is not covered in it. I agreed to that, and asked if Dell can help me with a paid-replacement or repair – to which I was denied.

The representative on the other end told me that Dell does not offer repairs, or paid-replacement on any of their monitors. The representative asked me to reach a local repairman, and get it repaired.

I asked if I can order the 4k ultrasharp screen for my 27′ monitor, for it to be repaired, and guess what? Dell does not offer spare parts on monitors too!

So, why was I asked to reach a local repairman when its sure that they won’t have a genuine Dell 4k ultrasharp screen for my 27′ monitor? Why would I go for a subpar display on my monitor (for which I paid above premium price)?

Then after few hours a manager from Dell reached me and played the same company policy song, and nothing was new in that conversation too.

Out of frustration I tweeted about this, and an Escalation Team member from Dell reached me over the phone. I thought they’d have something for me, and would sympathise with this situation – but no, they played the same retro company policy tunes.


Now, if I want to have the same quality of display in the same resolution, the only option is to buy a new one. So, spending INR 58,900 on the monitor (once again) which now I know is unrepairable!

This in my opinion is a fraud with customers. No company should sell something at this above-premium price knowing that the product is unrepairable.

I do not care if other premium brands do it, or if they get away with it. I trusted Dell, and spent INR ~60,000, which as astonishing price for a display, not to be duped.

Dell’s site or any product description does not carry the statement that – This product is unrepairable.

What if someone buys this Monitor, and on the very next day there is a physical damage that must be repaired?

What if you are moving to another house and get a dent on display on the move? or have a kid or pet in the house?

Even if you are ready to pay for a repair by Dell, or for a paid-replacement – Dell provides none for Monitors. Dell wants us to throw the monitor and buy a new one?

4 responses to “Know what? Dell monitors are unrepairable”

    • At the time I had not done any research on other monitors, and I had an urgent need. Hence, I packed the broken one and ordered the same again. Yes, not the wisest of the move.

      This year, within the warranty period, my new monitor started showing blue and red lines on the screen. I reported that on the forum, and then was reached by the support. After some questioning and checking the warranty, they replaced me with a new higher monitor (as I think they no longer manufacture U2718Q).

      Still, that does not qualify as something I should be impressed by, because within warranty every company needs to give you the service. It’s majorly after the warranty period which shows how you value your customers (and moreover the customer who is ready to pay for repairs).

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