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The Journey Begins / Goodbye 2018

This blog is a result of a long time itch to create and maintain a blog to write stuff, just about anything and everything that I want to share, have experienced or have an opinion about.

I was going for the domain name with the keyword – curious, but it was taken and randomly felt like a good alternative.

The 2018

This is maybe one of the most important year of my life so far. There’ve been a lot of turning points, realizations, learnings, and life lessons to take away from this year.

In November 2017 I left my last job as a Team Lead / WordPress Developer in a Digital Marketing Agency and started my freelance career. I had long thought of doing so, and I was able to pick up a pace in it in the year 2018.

In December 2017, I was also talking to this girl, who I was working with at my last job, on whether we can think of our future together, and start the tradition of mutually arranged marriages (Yes, we coined the term, and yes we were not in conventional love scene at that time).

We both agreed and took it forward in the year 2018, when it struck me that I might need to hold back on the freelance thing, and work somewhere for stability.

I was not ready to again get into the daily 9-5 routine and do the conventional stuff. It is when one of my good friends reminded me of my dream of applying at Automattic (the company behind

I was skeptical at first as I knew the trial process was intense and a lot of applicants get rejected. Still, I had no other option to either give it a fair shot or to go back to the monotonous 9-5 gigs.

I went ahead and applied, and to my surprise, I got the reply from the HR team and before I could realize, I was in the trials pool.

I worked my ass off and with grace from almighty, positive vibes of everyone around me, and with the lady luck for sure – I was offered a full time position at Automattic as a Happiness Engineer.

It’s been a roller coaster ride since. Professionally I’ve never been this busy, yet enjoying every bit of it. In personal life, my parents are still shocked that I’m getting married in 2019.

Lessons Learnt

Apart from all the positive stuff, I also learnt some lessons. I might not like them – but, I’m glad those situations happened.

Keep your finances in order

All who know me knows that I’m the last person who knows how to save money. I’ve been working since 2006 (part time/full time) and still do not have a dime on my name in the savings account.

I started my freelance journey with zero bucks as backup, and for the record – it is the stupid to do so.

My first fear of deciding to get married was nothing on the terms of how my life would change, but was financial standpoint. At that time I knew I need to make some changes.

It’s never a worse time to start saving and investing – do that right now.

Believe in Hustle, and Luck will follow

The way I worked on my Trial period for Automattic in August 2018 was nothing that I had ever done so far till that time.

I was up early, started cutting down on unproductive things, read everything that I needed to help me get through the trials, and actually worked for 8-9 straight hours.

I still give equal credit to the Hustle and lady luck, and I know it was the combination of both that I got selected.

I learnt that when I was hustling, and not deviating from the focus – the luck followed.

Consistency is your friend

I’m, 5.5 feet in height and I was overweight in 2017 at 89 kgs. I started working out and reduced my weight to 81 in a month, and then continued with consistent progress.

Between 2017 and beginning of 2018, I even went till 73 kgs, where I became comfortable and I lost my focus.

Right now, writing this I’m 89 kgs again, more muscle and more workout knowledge – but still 89 kgs.

What I missed was not diet or less workout – it was the consistency. You can count the days on your fingers, that I’ve missed my workout since 2017.

It’s the consistency with Diet that taught me a lesson. It’s a lifestyle and I now know what I need to do.

I’ll write more on this in 2019, upon reaching my Q1-2019 goal.

Don’t Expect – it’s toxic

I’ve been guilty of thinking that I’m a firm believer in the concept of – Don’t Expect and you won’t be hurt.

I’ve fallen off my own belief multiple times over the past few years, and I think this year reminded me of why I thought of believing in it, in the first place.

Without going all philosophical on you – I hate the feeling when you are standing empty-handed in a situation where you thought something else would happen, yet I found myself on the same spot.

Not being egoistic about it, you can accept that you could be wrong in expecting a few things, or maybe you are spoilt in a relationship or friendship or commitment that you can justify expecting something. However, keeping expectation is a toxic state – you either get happy and get addicted, or you get hurt.

You cannot control a situation or other person. The only one you can control is you. So, naturally you have to control on your primitive instinct to expect.

Instead, I think I’ll move forward with not expecting anything, but being open to be surprised with what life and people around me have for me, and try my best to be positive about everything, to an extent.

The 2019

The first and foremost is to get back on my fitness progression, and get some results in Q1-2019.

Next, I want to do my best as a Happiness Engineer at Also, to optimize my workflow for efficiency and create a work-life balance.

I’m getting married in February 2019, so I hope this new chapter and responsibilities are something that I can handle well.

And, to blog more.

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